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Pretentious (The Label)

  1. MUSLIMLIM 020: Muslimgauze - Melt (MP3/CDR) no longer available
  2. MUSLIMLIM 025: Muslimgauze - Jebel Tariq (MP3/CDR) no longer available
  3. GAUZE 1CD: E.g Oblique Graph - Completely Oblique (DBL CDR) sold out
  4. vivo 2003 009CD: Muslimgauze - No Human Rights For Arabs In Israel (CD)
  5. GAUZE 2CD: Muslimgauze - Emak Bakia (CDR)
  6. GAUZE 3CD: Muslimgauze - Al-Zulfiquar Shaheed (CDR)
  7. GAUZE BOX1CD: Alketab (Multi CDR)


  1. XZF01: Delayer - Breath By Breath By Breathing (CDR) $11.49
  2. XZF02: Rapoon - Dream Circle (re-issue) (CDR) $11.49
  3. XZF03: Birds Of Tin - Motion Mimic (CDR) $11.49
  4. XZF03: Birds Of Tin - Motion Mimic (hand painted jewel case version) (CDR) $35.00
  5. XZF04: John Hudak - May Fifth (CDR) $10.49
  6. XZF05: Omenya - The Fires of Faith Burn Brightly (CDR)
  7. XZF06: IDX1274 - Nail Bomb, Break Fast! (CDR)
  8. XZF07: TBA
  9. XZF08: Wander - Wander (CDR) $10.49
  10. XZF09: Steve Brand- The Quiver Of Dreams (CDR) $10.49
  11. (prices in US dollars)

more information will be posted on each release as time allows